Leasing Logic January 2015 – 5 Things to Do in 2015

Leasing Logic January 2015 – 5 Things to Do in 2015

The first edition of NAELB’s Leasing Logic had a double dose of Bravo, as our own Leslie Brown had not one but TWO articles in the newsletter! Read on to learn about Leslie’s top 5 ways to gain leads from peers in 2015. (And be sure to sign up for Leasing Logic to read Leslie’s future article’s here!)

Many of us spend a large amount of time and money trying to market to potential customers. Our end goal is to bring as many clients to the table as possible. Business owners are the target customers for most brokers, while funding sources consider brokers as their customers. Whichever it may be, there is another way to capture potential customer business, and that is through peer referrals. Your associates are spending as much time as you are seeking out potential clients. They are bound to have just as many that don’t fit their niche as you do. Are you one of the people your peers are sending referrals to?

1. Know your comrades’ niches.
Sounds simple. Try putting it into action. Many of us have hundreds, if not thousands, of contacts in the financing industry. Narrow down your list and begin making calls. Take notes and keep a comprehensive database that contains details on who does what, and where. Figure out how you can complement their products with your services. Establish a mutualistic relationship. This is a new way of thinking. Don’t try to educate them only on what deals they can send to you. Have a genuine interest in what leads may be a good fit for them too.

2. Update and follow up… on everything.
If you’ve had a customer referred to you, it’s likely because someone trusts you. They trust you to work the lead and to continue following up on it. Let them know the status. Don’t forget to send that final follow up “thank you,” to both your affiliate and the customer. After all, shouldn’t that be the cherry on top of the proverbial funded-deal sundae? A “thank you” goes a long way.

3. Be active in your community, both where you live and where you work.
Establish a good reputation on all fronts. Gaining leads from peers means having peers. The best way to do that is to connect with others of like-mind and attitude. There’s no better way to do that than to give something back to the communities you both thrive in.

4. Be prepared to have answers.
You may know your product line like the back of your hand, but do you know other options as thoroughly? Are you able to pinpoint a need and direct the customer (and your associate) to the most efficient resolution?   Even if that doesn’t mean funding with you now, knowing a solution can mean a funded deal later. Know of other options that may provide a better solution. Be creative and work toward more than the bare minimum of getting a transaction funded. Your partners will recognize that and provide you more first looks.

5. Establish a process for excellent customer service.
A lead today may still be a customer for the originator tomorrow, and that’s okay! If you’re fielding a referral, remember that you’re acting as an extension of your affiliate. Whether you provide long term service or a temporary answer, your attitude and actions will reflect on the originator and will go a long way to secure more leads — or ensure you never get one again.


I had several referrals in 2014 and as I reflected on my 2015 goals, I knew that continuing my relationship with my partners across the nation was top priority. There are several benefits for behaving professionally and one of the important benefits is referrals. Referrals are inherently more satisfying because they come with a sense of accomplishment and pride, in that someone decided you were the one who could be trusted to help. If you will incorporate the above regularly, you will find that the future will be even more prosperous for you and your peers.

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