Leasing Logic January 2015 – Bravo Resolutions

Leasing Logic January 2015 – Bravo Resolutions


You might have seen some familiar faces in NAELB’s first edition of Leasing Logic of 2015. Leslie Brown wrote a great piece on the Bravo team’s resolutions for the new year in NAELB’s first edition of Leasing Logic of 2015. Read the full article below and be sure to sign up for the newsletter! (Plank position optional.)

New Year’s resolutions were very popular in the 20th century, but it seems that once everyone had their fun partying like it was 1999, we all moved past the idea that improvement upon oneself happens only once a year. It’s hard though, not to think and review, when the calendar offers such a convenient beginning and end, such as the one on New Year’s Eve. We at BRAVO Capital did a little reflecting and found that there were a few things we appreciated about the past year and could improve upon in 2015.

Stephen and Laura Stuesser, President and Marketing Manager of BRAVO, promise to remember names! It’s true… in the past they may have remembered your face, but it’s highly likely that they may not have remembered your name. We’re all glad to know that as we pass them in the hallway in 2015, they’ll know just who it is they are high fiving.

Narda Hernandez, our Credit Analyst, remembers how in the past, New Year’s resolutions provided a guide for her throughout the year. Being young, she recalls, typically means you want to do it all or have no clue whatsoever what you want. Resolutions were an easy way of combating that. Now that she’s older, she knows what she needs to do and pursues her goals daily.

Mona Moreno, our Analyst, tried to trick us all by saying that her resolution was to read every book she could get her hands on in 2015. Little did we know that there was a marriage proposal in the works for her, and as she stood on the stage at ACL Live in front of thousands of people, while her fiancé got down on bended knee, her old resolution hit the road and a new resolution made itself known. Operation Body Transformation has now commenced! On her big day she’ll be walking down aisle fit as a fiddle. Her fiancé’s new resolution, as he recently discovered, is to be the emotional support person for Operation Body Transformation.

Martin Lacayo, VP and Fund Manager for BRAVO, says his resolution for the New Year is to see the cup as half full. As anyone knows, leasing is a great and illustrious industry but not without its challenges. Martin promises to see every challenge as an opportunity and not a stopping point. I can personally attest to this on his behalf. Last year I was out trotting circles around Martin on Town Lake during a good 3 mile hike. Now I can’t keep up with him on my best day. I think his resolution of seeing challenge as an opportunity really began in 2014 and is going to carry over gracefully in 2015.

Finally, I – Leslie Brown, VP and Fund Manager for BRAVO Capital, do solemnly swear that I’m not so eager to take on a resolution. Don’t get me wrong. I think they’re great! Still, this year I have a deep desire to adopt a revolution. Yes – I craftily switched my ‘S’ with a ‘V’. A resolution seems so mild and conforming, while a revolution is more my style. I look forward to adopting an added positive and proactive way of thinking. After all, that’s what a revolution is. It’s an instance of evolving; an overthrow of an old way of thinking for a new. I also fervently vow to beat Mona and Stephen on floor planks this year, by staying in plank position the longest, with perfect form and without breaking a sweat. Let the games begin!

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