Stephen Stuesser

Stephen Stuesser


Stephen L. Stuesser

Mr. Stuesser has 15 years of industry experience in additional to a diverse background in financial and operational positions. His core strengths lie in assessing and understanding problems and then applying the appropriate solution(s). He is a native Texan, married with 3 children and earned a BBA – Management from St. Edwards University.

Why Bravo: Because of our passion and commitment to listening and finding solutions. The strength of any organization is its people, and Bravo has a terrific group that I’m very proud to be working with, and I know you will too.

Why Me: The main reason relates to my entrepreneurial background where I’ve experienced both sides of the equation in my previous endeavors. As such, I think this brings great perspective (relatable perspective) to how Bravo interacts with its customers.

How I Spend Sundays: I generally like to start off with a great cup of coffee and read the newspaper with my wife. Soon after, I can be found doing one of the following: gardening, cooking or working on some home project.